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Structured Finance

Leveraging our geographic footprint in jurisdictions around the globe, we provide bespoke solutions to support our clients in their international trade transactions.

Financial instruments


Access Finance understands the inherent systematic risks in the Zimbabwean ecosystem. We structure commercial products that enhance trade. Our international reputation allows us to issue guarantees that boost trade and economic activity.

  • Bank Guarantees
  • Financial guarantee
  • Performance guarantee
  • Advance payment guarantee
  • Bid bond guarantee
  • Foreign bank guarantee
  • Deferred payment guarantee

Letters of Credit

Access Finance facilitates letters of credit customised with mutually acceptable terms, allowing you to manage your cash flow with a guarantee that your payments arrive on time.

Forward Exchange Contracts

We optimize your cashflows by discounting your international receivables.

Commercial Paper

Invoice Discounting

We optimize your cashflows by discounting your local receivables.

Purchase Order Finance

We have the capacity to assist with purchase orders that require funding.

Supply chain Management

Toll Manufacturing

We have the ability to enhance your operating efficiency and reduce your cost per unit through increased absorption of fixed overheads. Our bespoke toll manufacturing arrangements assist in the provision of raw materials (or semi-finished goods) to a third-party, who will then provide the rest of the services (manufacturing).

Consignment Stock

We enhance your supply chain and cash flow through customized consignment stock arrangements.

International trades

Collateral Asset Management

We provide end to end collateral management services that combine our expertise with the latest technologies.

Global Account Facility

Our physical presence in the Sub-Saharan region and the United Kingdom enables us to procure commodities from international markets on credit.

International Supply Chain Management

We offer a broad range of enriched solutions that help you achieve business objectives, letting you concentrate on your core business as our team handles your supply chain.

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